Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

A Service of the Intermodal association of North America

Facility Operators / M & R Vendors

IANA DVIR Quick Reference

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Click here for a List of Intermodal Equipment Providers (IEPs) that the IANA DVIR Inspection Report Service can deliver DVIRs to.

Intermodal Facility Operators and Maintenance & Repair Vendors must register as DVIR system users in order to gain IEP visibility by location. During the registration process, you will select the locations where you offer services and set your data communication preferences.

Please refer to the EDI & Data Transfer tab to receive specific data transfer standards.

Once registered, IEPs will be able to authorize DVIR delivery and gate hold notifications to your operation.

DVIR Webinars

Click here to download a copy of the IEP, M&R Vendor/Facility Operator DVIR Webinar presentation.

Click here to view the IEP, MRV & Facility Operator DVIR Webinar.